E.Y.E, (Excel Youth Exceeding)— is designed for high school males and females.  This facet is highly relational and  provide additional opportunities for youth to develop strong skills and protective factors, limits the exposure to negative risk behaviors. The E.Y.E Club  meet weekly before, during lunch periods. Youth are provided opportunities to discuss and explore issues unique to their current situations and in an environment conducive to safety and support. These added, unconventional efforts create and sustain self-efficacy and provide incentives and celebrations along the way while simultaneously providing clear direction.

Today (4/25/2019) was my last E.Y.E Club for this school year with my babies!!! Love them sooo much and MAN IM GOING TO MISS MY SENIORS!!!

These kids mean so much to me and I hope that meeting with them every Thursday I left them with some type of nugget that stays with them.

A few of them stated that I bring information to them and talk about things that most adults don’t talk about and that I bring them practical things that they can use. Made my heart so full! I pray that I forever keep it real and balanced with the messages I bring to our future. I want to make an influence not just an impact!

Thank you to every speaker and every couple that came and talked to my kids. They really listened and took something away from what you said. I can Not thank you enough!

I’m so honored that these kids come EVERY Thursday because they WANT to. It blows me away!

...Dandrick...your baby sister is carrying on your vision! I hope you’re proud!
— E.Y.E. Club Program Director Di’Anka Moton