Certified Guest Facilitators

Our guest speakers are a great way to emphasize classroom curriculum and bring exciting new ways to engage students! Our speakers are trained to communicate Excel's message of all around healthy choices while still covering frameworks and curriculum points needed for this important class time.  We can present on a topic we have prepared, or you can give us a topic to create a one-of-a-kind presentation specific to fit your classroom needs.  Learn more about our guest speakers below!

All Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialists (SRAS) are Certified and Trained:


Christel & Marco West  |  SRAS Certified Guest Educator

Christel & Marco West-Dynamic Duo, Parents of nine & Previous teen parents. These two have a super ability to share out of their life experiences. Students are in awe of how they have overcome difficult backgrounds and circumstances…and her book ‘The Journey Back to Me’ truly allows them to identify with "Choosing the Best Journey." 

Marco west

As an SRAE certified facilitator, Marco West brings a strong and fearless approach to Choosing to Excel. Marco derives his teaching based on his authenticity and ability to face his flaws as opposed to running or hiding from them. Our curriculum is designed to enrich, empower and provide the tools for risk avoidance and his life experiences help our youth, from young fathers to teenagers that will become young men. Marco believes that being your true self is the absolute greatest gift you can offer the world and this is apparent in his execution. In addition to our curriculum, we strive to provide real life examples, EIS (Examples in skin)

Gage DCM headshot.jpeg

Shawn Hammontree  |  SRAS Certified Guest Educator

Shawn Hammontree- One of our most requested speakers! Knows how to cut through the "stuff" and makes facts relevant- He makes the classroom a fun and exciting experience.

Raymona Ellison

Raymona Ellison, SRAE Certifed,-Our most experienced ( over 12 years in youth development)- Engaging speaker- Mona has a deep passion to see our future generations have an understanding of choices and consequences, both positive and negative. Ms. Ellison is a published author of Pre-school character books. Her most recent work ‘Character Queen’s ABC’s' is a poetic collection of mantras that help defin character traits for young children.

Amos Gray

As the Executive Director of HIGH IMPACT in Garland County, Amos is a C2E sexual risk avoidance educator with over five years of experience as a classroom instructor and small group facilitator. Mr. Gray is inspirational and motivational and has a unique way of connecting with at-risk youth. His life story allows him to reach youth from tough situations and diverse backgounds. Mr. Gray will implement innovative strategies in the Hot Springs School District which is located in Garland County. 

gage jordan

Gage Jordan is from West Memphis, AR. He came to Conway in 2005 to attend Central Baptist College where he received a BA in Biblical Studies with a Pastoral Minor. He has been married for 8 years to his beautiful bride Katie and they have a newly adopted 16 year old son named Titus. Gage has worked with students in many capacities from being on staff at the Boys and Girls Club in West Memphis, Substitute Teaching, Working in Student Ministry, Guest Speaking, and more! He has a passion to see students excel holistically in their journey to adulthood and thrives on the opportunities that he has to mentor, guide, and share with students the necessary tools to get there. 

Ellianna Temple

Ellianna Temple has been teaching etiquette, life skills, good behavior and character since 2004. Her foray into the world of etiquette and protocol began when she taught character and good behavior to children in the public schools of Romania, for which she was awarded the President's Volunteer Award.

Ellianna has worked with businesses, government leaders, diplomats, organizations and schools to help their staff, employees and students improve their communication skills through the medium of manners, life skills, personal and company image and character.

Seth Tromboli

Seth is a graduate of Central Baptist College in Conway, Arkansas where he received a bachelors degree in biblical studies, with a minor in outdoor Christian leadership. Shortly after being employed in education, Seth met the leaders from choosing to Excel and planted his roots in outreach to young people, especially in helping youth with real life applications. His unique approach of connecting with teens was effective in helping young people understand consequences as well as their possibilities. He is now in full-time youth ministry and is happily married to Kendra Tomboli and they are expecting their first child.