Guest Speakers

Our guest speakers are a great way to emphasize classroom curriculum and bring exciting new ways to engage students! Our speakers are trained to communicate Excel's message of all around healthy choices while still covering frameworks and curriculum points needed for this important class time.  We can present on a topic we have prepared, or you can give us a topic to create a one-of-a-kind presentation specific to fit your classroom needs.  Learn more about our guest speakers below!

All Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialists (SRAS) are Certified and Trained:


Christel & Marco West  |  SRAS Certified Guest Educator

Christel & Marco West-Dynamic Duo, Parents of nine & Previous teen parents. These two have a super ability to share out of their life experiences. Students are in awe of how they have overcome difficult backgrounds and circumstances.. They truly can identify with "Choosing the Best Journey." 

Colby Crow  |  SRAS Certified Guest Educator

Colby Crow- Dynamic and passionate.  Unique way of connecting with the youth culture- Coldy has a way of making the complex simple. Its neat seeing students "get it."

Shawn Hammontree  |  SRAS Certified Guest Educator

Shawn Hammontree- One of our most requested speakers! Knows how to cut through the "stuff" and makes facts relevant- He makes the classroom a fun and exciting experience.

Sybil Schultz

Sybil Schultz- She's called the BABY Lady! Sybil facilitates the computerize baby program for 9-12th grade students. Knows how to relate with the students in a way that they open up to her about their REAL issues.  One of our Super communicators.

Latrice buckner

Latrice Buckner- vibrant and charismatic wife and mom who wholeheartedly believes in the SRA message.

Roline Thomas

Roline Thomas- wife and mom who shares her wisdom in a fun and refreshing way.


Melody stewart

Melody Stewart- her passion for SRA runs deep and exudes in every presentation.


raymona ellison

Raymona Ellison-Our most experienced ( over 12 years in youth development)- Engaging speaker- Mona has a deep passion to see our future generations have an understanding of choices and consequences, both positive and negative.