Leadership Team


Success Sequence

I am so happy to see the Leadership Team! They make it fun, I love the skits, I want to join the team.
— Aspiring Leader

Making Waves

The Leadership Team requires a well-trained and committed group of young people serving as peer presenters - challenging teens to make healthy choices through skits, panel discussions and dramatic performances. By sharing their personal choices and experiences, they encourage their peers to join the growing movement to avoid risky behaviors. This amazing group of young people is often requested to conduct assemblies, retreats and youth conferences!

Day on the hill

Each year, a group of youth leaders from Excel’s Youth Leadership Team attend the annual “Day on the Hill” (DOTH) in D.C. to meet with elected representatives in an effort to discuss Title V funding and risk avoidance education.

This facet of the program recruits, trains, and utilizes progressive young adults who are groomed as youth leaders (YL) and peer presenters. These community role models serve in various presentation settings, community service projects, as well as summer camp leaders and mentors to all participating youth.  Coming from various backgrounds, these young leaders are trained to effectively share their experiences of resilience, fortitude, and applied life skills through their own personal adversity.  This facet of the program has graduated over 150 young adults through the YL, many that never fathomed the possibility of influencing those that wear similar shoes they once walked in.


Kennedi is a senior at Conway High School and is involved in various extracurricular activities.  She is the reigning ‘Ms. Conway High’, serves as president on C2E’s Youth Leadership Team, providing direction and a clear vision as a powerful peer presenter.  Kennedi has done this all while maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.945 throughout her years at Conway. 

Based on her GPA, extra-curriculars, and strong commitment to community service, Kennedi was invited to represent the city and Conway High School at the 2017 Liberty Bowl in December. She has also recently been invited to enroll in the prestigious Schedler’s Honors College on the campus of the University of Central Arkansas.

Kennedi has served as the lead spokesperson for two years in the interest of the C2E’s annual visits to the White House and House of Representatives.  Kennedi is a courageous voice before the Senators and Representatives for optimal health concerning all youth, especially those of Central Arkansas.

“At age eight I started off as a camper in the Excel summer camps. This camp is where I learned to lead, discover my individuality, and learned the importance of abstinence for all for risk avoidance. Many view abstinence as only being related to sex, but I was taught that abstinence is anything that can keep me from having the best life possible. Now at age seventeen, I'm no longer a student in the program, but a leader who gets to teach & grow other adolescents. SRA (Sexual Risk Avoidance) is more than just sex education, it's the development of our society as a whole. One of the things I will carry with me throughout life is a quote from our Executive Director that propelled her son to greater heights and that quote is to “KEEP THE END IN MIND.” -Kennedi-

Jovoni pic.jpg

Jovoni Johnson is a sixteen-year-old, 11th grade student at Conway High School in Conway, Arkansas. Achieving such accolades as Vice President of Conway High and Choosing to Excel Youth Leadership Team, Jovani has always aspired for more and to be the best at everything he does. Whether it be athletics, assuming leadership roles, academics, or serving his community, he truly works to excel in all areas of life. As the Quarterback for Conway High, he is very familiar with the concept of leading and performing under pressure.  This role among others, has elevated his skills to achieve milestones such as winning the Rotary Youth Leadership Award, earning two-year letterman honors as a Varsity athlete, securing membership to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and remaining a devoted volunteer. 


Jovoni is an exceptional student, carrying a 4.67 grade point average and earning 30 on his ACT after completing it earlier than most students his age. As a bright African-American young man, Jovoni understands pride, the importance of setting an example, and beating all odds that statistics have too often shown to be disheartening. Understanding the phenomenon known as the “success sequence”, he is committed to taking the necessary steps and exhibiting the discipline required to achieve financial stability and literacy, creating the healthy family dynamic so often missing in his community.  Responsibility and the desire to aspire for more each day is paramount to executing C2E’s mission.  These qualities will continue to propel Jovani to his life goal of maximizing his potential and living in faith, while keeping the end in mind.