Oh! Baby

take-home computerized baby program

Even though the baby stressed me out all night, this experience showed me that I’m not ready to have a child. It shows what struggles you would face, at this age, with a child.
— Cynsere R., 9th grade CJHS

A hands-on experience!

This program is exactly how it sounds! Our goal is to encourage our teens (7th-12th grade) to think things over and to see the enormous responsibility of teen parenting. Students participate in this program through their school health classes. Students take home an infant simulator for 1-2 nights to get a taste for what parenting is all about. They also have the option to write a 10 page research paper. If they choose the sleepless night route with the baby stimulator, they are met with the daunting responsibility of single parenting as well as budgeting and healthcare problems associated to the child.  Student’s grades are determined by the quality of care they gave to the stimulator or how well they research the assigned topic.