Find our Participating Schools

Excel is unique in that we do not hold back from reaching teens across the state. If we see an obstacle, we create a solution. We believe that every person is reachable and worthy of pursuit. We are all here today because someone took a risk on us - so let's pay that risk forward. These programs are designed to do just that! Thank you for venturing into this journey with us. 

excel location map

  • J.A. Fair High School
  • Hot Springs Middle School
  • Vilonia Junior High
  • Greenbrier Junior High
  • Greenbrier High School 
  • Lonoke Middle School
  • Lonoke Junior High
  • Carl Stuart Middle School
  • Conway High School
  • Conway Junior High
  • Bob & Betty Courtway Middle School
  • Simon Middle School
  • Ruth Doyle Middle School
  • Morrilton Junior High
  • Morrilton High School
  • Cabot Middle School
  • Cabot Junior High


To recommend a school where you’d like to see Choosing to Excel, please provide the City and State below. Additional specifics (school, address, etc.) can be added in the message field. Thank you for your recommendation!