Our mission at Choosing to Excel is to empower and encourage our teens to make healthy life choices, provide tools for positive change for the individual and family and cultivate hope for those who want a fresh start. 



The chart below illustrates our multi-faceted approach from classrooms to homes.

• Refusal Skills/ Peer Pressure • Alcohol/ Drug Abuse Prevention
• Choices and Consequences • Self Esteem/ Self Awareness

Pregnant and parenting moms

Computerized baby program

6-Week summer camp

7th-12th grade tutoring

SMALL GROUPS Lunch groups for girls & guys

MENTORING 1-Hour sessions in school

MARCH TO COLLEGE Students tour UCA campus

YOUTH LEADERSHIP 9th-12th grade emerging leaders

Leadership Team Application https://goo.gl/forms/bVXD9chXHD4olayX2

I really am excited about this [CTB curricula] program. There are so many mixed messages out there, and I am glad this one is in this school—the high school my daughter is going to. My daughter talked highly of this program. Keep up the good work!
— Parent

Every year our reading rotation is a major part of our summer programs. This was developed as we recognized that most children and youth in our area of service do not have access to high quality learning opportunities that will keep their hard-earned academic skills fresh over the summer months. All children and youth experience summer learning loss when they are not involved in positive, engaging learning experiences. 

We are doing something to stop the “summer slide” among the children and youth of Conway. Summer of 2016 the Arkansas Out of School Network, the Arkansas Campaign for Grade Level Reading, and AETN are joining together to recognize Ms. Thelma Moton and the Choosing to Excel Program as a Summer Learning “Bright Spot”.  The Choosing to Excel program offers innovative summer learning activities and opportunities that keep kids on track during the summer and all year long. We know that students who don’t keep reading and learning over the summer can lose two to three months of reading skills and find themselves behind their peers when they return to school in the fall. The event will feature the work of the children and youth who have been participating all summer long and we will hear about the impact that programs like these have in our community and other parts of the state.


We believe our experiences help shape the future of our youth.  
Share how Choosing to Excel has impacted your life below! 

“Thank you. We were at a loss, did not know what else to do, thanks for meeting with us as a
— Parent
“My students LOVED it! They were dying to get to my class to find out what we were doing that day. Wish I could’ve taught it to all the students at our school!”
— Teacher
“I am so happy to see the Leadership Team. They make it fun, I love the skits, I want to join the team.”

— Student