thelma moton  |  founder

Thelma Moton founded Choosing to Excel in 1991 to educate and encourage youth to make healthy life choices. She is wife to Daniel Moton, mother of 11, "Nana" to over 15, and "Great-Nana" to 4. When she isn't championing Excel across the state, Thelma loves to spend time in her garden and with her grandbabies! Contact Thelma at motont@conwayschools.net



Penny has been with Excel since November of 2008. She married her best friend Ken in August of 1997 and they have 3 children Avery, Faith and Andrew. Penny’s passion for our young women is unmatched and is apparent in the attendance turnout within our ‘Girls Eagerly Maintaining Standards’ club.

She loves working with youth of all ages as she understands the importance of recognizing intrinsic value and worth within, as well as the impact strong women have on society. Penny’s dedication is the epitome of the addage ‘Commitment is following through with something you said you would do long after the mood you said it in has left you.’ Contact her at mccrayp@conwayschools.net

dani JAMES  |  Family Support Director

Dani is Choosing to Excel's Data Coordinator as well as the Program Manager/Supervisor for Healthy Families of America. Her eye for design and color gives a unique perspecive to our special events. In addtion to her staff duties she serves as a volunteer Encourager for young ladies who desire a listening ear.

Dani is married and has 4 beautiful children, Kayla, Deylan, Khye, and Dana. In her spare time she likes to do nail art, read, and spend time with family and friends. Contact Dani at motonda@conwayschools.net

new clevlon pic.jpeg

ClevElon ROBERTSON  |  Healthy Families Program Coordinator/ Supervisor

Clevelon Robertson is from Dumas, Arkansas and is the mother of 2 adorable sons. Her passion for friends and family transcends her role with Healthy Families of America. Clevlon received her Bachelors of Science in Addiction from the University of Central Arkansas in 2012 and obtained her Masters of Science in General Mental Health Counseling from Capella University in 2018. These credentials have led to her certification as a Smart Recovery Trainer. She enjoys traveling, spending time with those she loves most, and running (occasionally, when there is a medal at the finish line). Contact Clevelon at robertsonc@conwayschools.net


Bijoux is a Little Rock native who enjoys doing live music shows, working out, and napping!  She also has a passion for strengthening small businesses, fashion, and hair!  When she’s not singing, exercising, napping, mentoring, shopping or making a weave, she enjoys spending time with friends and her beautiful godsons, Sidney and Shayne!

DIANKA MOTON | Public Relations| Leadership Dev. Coord.| mentor Director

Di’Anka is a graduate of Conway Schools where she participated in C2E throughout her school career- She served as the Leadership Team Presdent, as a Junior Director for summer camp and as Special Event coordinator.

She received her Masters degree in Student Personnel Services and Administration from the University of Central Arkansas in April of 2016 and is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc! Di’Anka loves to work with our youth, enriching their strengths within as well as developing strong leadership qualities. She has a passion for making a difference in her community, which she believes will ultimately make the world a better place. Aside from work, she enjoys hanging with her sorority sisters, friends and enjoys the experiences gained through travel. You can contact her at motondianka@gmail.com

PRINCESS johnson  |  program director and youth director

Princess Johnson has been with Excel since April 2013. Since then, life has consisted of many changes and much growth. She is a Senior at Central Baptist College, a mother to four beautiful children and is married to the love of her life. She loves working for non-profits, writing, mentoring, and advocating for marriage and families. Princess is pursuing the world of grant consulting and program development. Her pursuit of a degree in Psychology will lead to her ultimate goal of being licensed in marriage and family therapy.


Archie Kern - MOCQ/T4p Director

Archie received his Masters in Human Performance with an emphasis in Sports Management from the University of Alabama. He was married in March of 2016 and has moved to Arkansas with his new wife when she was offered a job at UCA. Archie's unique way of  developing relationships beyond the classroom have resulted in major changes in behavior in the young men he serves. Archie clearly understands that information coupled with relationships is key to positive growth. Archie enjoys weight lifting, mixed martial arts, sports, and movies. Contact Archie at kerna@conwayschools.net

leann rosenbaum.jpeg

bryton driver | small group Program Director

Bryton Driver from Hughes, Arkansas, is one of our most uplifting and charismatic leaders. He truly has a passion for youth development and meaningful enrichment. Obtaining his Bachelors degree in Sociology with a minor in Family and Consumer Science from the University of Central Arkansas, he truly understands the value of setting a great example and being the ultimate role model in the community. 

Bryton’s attention to detail and passion is often displayed in the way our youth respond to him and when referenced, many say they would like to ‘be like Bryton.’ These paradigms, along with his love for sports, family, and spending time with co-workers show his affinity for structure and why he is such a positive force in our organization.

Jasmine hullum-mhoon

Jasmine hails from McGehee, Arkansas and enjoys free writing, running and playing basketball, shopping, and spending time with family and friends. She is a married mother of two beautiful girls, one whom desires to be a model and another that is obsessed with being a beautiful mermaid and gymnast. Jasmine graduated in 2018, from the University of Central Arkansas in Conway with a Bachelors of Science in Health Education. Her aspiration in life is to educate and lead groups of people so that they are able to find peace, resources, and a way to develop and maintain optimal health. Contact Jasmine at Hullumj@conwayschools.net 

Leann Rosenbaum 

Leann is the educational director for the Empowered, Sexual Risk Avoidance program in partnership with Choosing To Excel. Empowered has six public schools participating in the C2E SRAE program.

Leann was a public school teacher for 10 years, and a childrens pastor for 10 years.

Leann and her husband Cary pastor a church in Jacksonville, AR and have four amazing children.

Contact Leann at leann.rosenbaum@gmail.com

Candie Corona

Candie is a home visitor for Healthy Families of America. She is a wife and a mother to Isabel, Rebecca, Isaac and Israel. She graduated from UCA with a degree in Spanish and a minor in linguistics. She has worked for non-profit organizations for over 5 years. In her free time she loves to spend time with her family and read. Contact Candie at coronac@conwayschools.net

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