An in-school tutoring and mentoring program for grades 5-12

I love meeting with my Mentor Cassie, she has become one of my best friends. Since we’ve been meeting, our relationship has gotten deeper and I feel more connected with her. She has helped me with improving my grades and I’m feeling so much better about myself. I hope she never leaves.
— Mentee

Creating positive change

Do you have someone in your life who cared about you - who made a difference in your life? Most of us have had mentors and encouragers in our life, pushing us to reach higher. We want to be this for our teens! Through mentoring, our goal is to be a strong support system for students, believing in them and verbalizing the gold in their life. Our mentors are trained, equipped and required to go through a background test before they begin working with our teens. Students who go through this program see significant positive differences in attitude, school attendance, grades and behavioral issues.