MOCQs:  Men of Character and Quality
In MOCQ I learned to be a generous man and not to treat women bad, and how to be a man really.
— JW


Can we get an amen that pouring into our young men is absolutely vital! Our heart is to provide our middle school and junior high men with mentors that will invest wisdom and zeal into their lives. A lot of our male teens come from a broken home; therefore, we are absolutely passionate about bridging the gap for them. We know that our leaders of tomorrow are sitting in classrooms today.


Archie Kern

Program Director

Director of Youth Initiatives

Choosing To Excel

Archie Kern is a native of Sallis, Mississippi and currently living and working in Conway, Arkansas. I grew up in a family where dropping out of high school solely to work seemed to be normal, along with having children out of wedlock. My great grandmother has 10 children, only two of which graduated from high school.  I knew I wanted to break this cycle and always aspire for more. It was my personal goal to graduate college and set an example for cousins, brothers, friends, and those that I would touch in the community.  I am a firm believer that our communities are only as great as the leaders willing to give back. 

Graduating high school allowed me to attend Holmes Community College, where I satisfied all credits required and graduated with an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN).  Satisfying this milestone propelled me to receiving my Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Education at Mississippi University.  Balancing the responsibility of being a student athlete, football allowed me to stay focused and steadfast while pursuing my Masters in Human Performance at the University of Alabama. My cultural background and focus on youth, sports, and community led to my current position as Director of Youth Initiatives with Choosing to Excel. I began working full time with Excel and before I knew it, success had found me in the form of a wife and a beautiful daughter. 

I had never heard of the ‘Success Sequence’ but, but now that I am a product of a millennial phenomenon, it has shown me why continuing to do things the right way is so important. Operating in this sequence has allowed me to force a new paradigm and break such a vicious cycle that could have relegated me to a statistic.  I have surpassed many of the goals and milestones I set for myself, and those depending on me will motivate me to shatter more glass ceilings. None of these things would have been possible if it wasn’t for the first step and that was GRADUATING high school, as I mentioned, seemed to be a lost art in my family.  I am humbled and grateful for my position with C2E, while constantly being reminded each day that my testimony is an example to those tasked with bettering the world after my work is done.  I chose to excel.