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A Few Student Responses

The Excel risk avoidance program in my health class is more than just about sex, for me, it was the reality that I had a choice. I never knew about abstinence is actually a choice.  It was for the first time in my life, presented with the choice of abstinence. Sex and stuff seemed to be expected within my family, and I was taught through the Excel program that I now had a choice for something different. Who knows what my future holds now that I know I have other options other than continuing the current unhealthy family cycle?
— 10th grade student
SRA programs are often confused as just Sexual Risk Avoidance. And although the teaching of sex avoidance is taught I have had eye opening experiences, opportunities given, and fun times. Most importantly I have been given a support family of friends that I wouldn’t trade for the world - Payton 10th grade

— Payton (10th Grade)
I never thought about dating to marry, it makes sense. I will take my relationships at a slower pace to really get to know them before I get all serious- I loved the classes and the speakers they keep it real
— 12th grade student
As a teen mom I have the support and resources to start fresh, stay in school. I have been given hope. Thank you Excel.
— Teen mom


The most recent MOCQ carwash raised $990.00 from their carwash!!! 15% of those earnings were donated to retired veterans — the ‘MOCQ Giveback’. Thank you all for supporting our boys!

WE ARE SO PROUD OF OUR JR. HIGH MEN OF CHARACTER & QUALITY! Please stay tuned for our next event!